Makawijo Automotive

Innovation drives progress in the automotive business. Everything is on the table being analyzed for potential optimization in every aspect. Where CO2 emission, work-environment improvement, reduction of the chemical footprint and better maintenance are concerned, Makawijo is ready to lend a hand.

We have takes it upon ourselves to support this Innovation by marketing a wide range of very clever products to the automotive professionals. Every item is carefully selected and tested by our team of experienced trade-professionals to ensure the best experience for the customer.

Makawijo Automotive supplies importers in countries throughout Europe. We work closely with our manufacturing partners to market their products the best way possible in each and every country. Our international market-appeal helps the products onto new markets in new countries and we are recognized for quality and ROI everywhere we go.

But - we also take care of our own. The Danish Automotive Market has had the pleassure of the Makawijo products for 4 years now. We are known for our quality, our skilled support and our market grooming and our dealers generally appreciate the ever renewed product range. New stuff is a treat for the salesman - everyone knows that.

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